Maintenance Day Update

Hi Everyone

Firstly, thank you to everyone who turned up to for the maintenance day today. Your help is very much appreciated.

Following on from the work done today, a list of maintenance tasks has been compiled and is currently being kept on a Wunderlist. I have included a current copy of the list below.


☐ New targets 2,3&4 require pegs setting
☐ Boss 10 needs rebanding
☐ Boss 10 needs rotating 90 degrees
☐ Old 8 (new 9) birch needs removing at break
☐ New 7 move pegs
☐ Trim tree between 5 &6
☐ New boss 5 needs restaking
☐ Old 9 (new 5) back stop remove
☐ New bosses for 2,3 & 4
☐ Clear between 4 & 5
☐ Chain saw trees between new 2,3, 4 and 5

If you’re visiting the wood at all and you can spare a little extra time to complete any of the tasks above, it would really help to keep the course and the woodland in good shape for everyone.

The list will be fluid with new tasks being added and existing tasks marked as complete. If you would like access to the live list on Wunderlist, please leave a comment below and you will receive an invitation containing a link by email from one of the existing members.