Woodland Open for Practice

Hi Everyone

As the government are easing the restrictions that have been in place due to Covid-19, the club has decided to make the wood available for practice again.

This is for the sole use of Artemis Archers members who hold a current full NFAS membership.

Your use of the wood is subject to your compliance with the conditions outlined in the document linked below. If these conditions are not adhered to, it will result in the woodland once again being closed for practice. Please ensure you read and understand the conditions before visiting the wood.

Currently the NFAS course is safe to shoot, however there are several targets/bosses that require some maintenance. If any bosses are laid over, they are not fit for shooting. Please do not put them back in place. If you find any other issues, please email me with the details and I’ll add them to the maintenance schedule.

If you have any questions, or require further information or clarification, please contact me directly.

Andy Betts

Club Secretary