Wood Maintenance Day – 30th May 2021

Hi everyone

maintenance day image

We will be having a maintenance day at the wood on 30th May. Now that we are coming out of the varying degrees of COVID restrictions, we need to put in some work to get the equipment and course ready for our open shoot later in the year. We will be arriving at the wood from 9am and trying to work as long as we can to achieve as much as possible.

We will primarily be focussing on repairing and rebuilding as many of the bosses in the wood as we can. If we have sufficient people attending, then we may also be able to carry out some of the other tasks that need doing around the wood at the same time.

We should have the equipment and materials we need for the work on the bosses, but things like hammers, shears, branch cutters, gloves etc are always useful so feel free to bring any tools you think will be useful. You will also need to bring your own lunch/refreshments.

All members are welcome and are encouraged to attend. It will give you an opportunity to meet other club members and you may also pick up a few new skills.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you on the 30th.

Andy Betts

Club Secretary