A Fiver for Wyver

Hi Everyone

As you may or may not be aware, at the beginning of this year part of Wyver Lane (the lane that leads to our woodland) was resurfaced. This has massively improved access to our wood. Until recently we were unaware of who payed for this work. Last week I received the below letter, forwarded on to us by our friends Nick and Kate who live in the property at the end of Wyver Lane.

The work was funded by the Derwent Valley Trust as part of the work to complete the Derwent Valley Cycleway. There is still a small section of Wyver Lane that requires resurfacing, and they are raising funds for this purpose.

It goes without saying that this will benefit all of us and anyone attending our annual open shoots so please support the fund if you are able. They have already raised £13000 but need to match that in order to be able to complete the work.

 The link to the donation page is https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/3135428

Anything you can give to support the project will be much appreciated.

The full text of the letter including links for more information about the project is below.

Thanks for your support.


Letter from Derwent Valley Trust

At the beginning of 2020, the Derwent Valley Trust re-surfaced the first section of the Wyver Lane segment of the Derwent Valley Cycleway in Belper. Throughout the lockdown, we have received heartening reports of the new section being regular used by families with young children, seeking some fresh air and exercise to support their physical and mental health during the virus crisis. The quality of the re-surfacing has been so good that we have even heard of wheelchair users coming to the lane specifically to enjoy a flat and smooth route to access the countryside in the valley.

We are now planning to complete the re-surfacing of Wyver Lane by finishing the final section to provide a continuous cycle route of 2km. With this segment completed, Belper residents will be able to enjoy a 4km /2.6 mile return route, walking, cycling or in wheelchairs from the heart of Belper into the Derwent Valley to access the countryside, the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust bird reserve along the Lane and the river valley.

We have already raised £13,000 towards the project from a local landowner but we need to match this amount with another £13,000 to cover the total costs of completing the Wyver Lane cycleway. Would you as a local Belper resident or business be able to contribute to the project to provide this much needed facility? There is nowhere else in Belper where people can enjoy the countryside in such an accessible and active way. We are sure the Belper community, be it your friends and family or your customers and employees, would be very grateful and impressed with your involvement and contribution to such an important new facility for the town. We would of course register any support you are able to give (unless you wish your gift to be treated anonymously) and would love to work with you on this community project.

Please contact us if you are able to help in any way – whether it’s a “fiver for Wyver” or if you are able to give more, we will be very grateful for any support!

Please give a fiver (or more if you are able) by paying online via Paypal using the following link:


Please give your name and Wyver Lane as a reference with any payment. If appropriate, please fill in the Gift Aid details so we can gain an extra 25% from your donation from Government.

I do hope you can help!

Please see www.derwentvalleytrust.org.uk/cycle  for further information on the longer term aims of the Derwent Valley Cycleway from Derby to Chatsworth and our other initiatives in the Derwent Valley.

Kind regards,

Tanya Spilsbury

Chair of the Derwent Valley Cycleway working group, part of the Derwent Valley Trust.

E: cyclechair@derwentvalleytrust.org.uk